Custom Billiard Felt Printed To Order

We handle the custom pool table felt process completely.  Ask about custom poker felt

Call SOLO® and place your order for your very own custom poker or pool table felt.  We will ask you for files of the design that you want printed and perform the installation for you.  All billiard felt replacement and custom pool table felt applications are guaranteed for an entire year.

 Call our professionals 833-377-2619

Our professionals have been working with pool table customers and making custom billiard felt orders for years, we know just what is needed to make the custom cloth order fast and efficient for you.  Having a company that will not only start the printing order for you, but carry out the professional custom billiard felt replacement is a value to everyone.  You also get our exclusive service guarantee for craftmanship and matrials.


Over the years, SOLO® Pool Table Movers has provided thousands of customers with the only honest and honored billiard service guarantee that the industry has to offer.

SOLO® guarantees new cloth against… rips, tears and manufacturer’s defects for an entire year. No other company will give this type of guarantee!


It’s your home, you’re invested, you need to protect it and make sure that you are hiring a company that is dedicated to customer care.

Too often small operators will refuse to honor their word.  That’s why we put our ABIA backed guarantee in writing, so you can understand just what we can do for you.