Our Promise

So, what makes our pool table service guarantee different?

The American Billiard Installers Association was founded on the principle of assisting people who needed pool table services. Most consumers don’t understand the risks involved with our industry, that’s where the ABIA steps in and protects the installation and property during their billiard service appointment and up to an entire year later.

The billiard service industry is full of small operators, charging cheap prices to gain your trust and compete on a very small playing field. This is a bad risk and a recipe for lost time and money for the inexperienced consumer.

The main two points that a potential pool table service client will hear from a pool table mover are:

  1. I do the best work
  2. I’m the cheapest

Think about that for a second……… In almost every industry and product line in the world there is no way these two qualities can ever be found together.  Why should they magically work in the pool table service industry?

Over the years, SOLO® Pool Table Movers has provided thousands of customers with the only honest and honored billiard service guarantee that the industry has to offer.

Most installers try to be the least expensive operator, they promise to guarantee their work, and indicate that they never have to return to the job. But if it sounds too good to be true…  believe us it is!

We have decades of experience dealing with hundreds of pool table installers around the country and we can verify that the majority are not able to follow through on their guarantees. 

It’s not possible for the average consumer to have this type of insight. Don’t put your trust in a company that is giving you their word. Instead, choose a trusted and proven, top quality company who guarantees your satisfaction without any additional expense to you!

Our team at SOLO® dedicates itself to this principle every day.

What if they say they offer the exact same thing we do, only cheaper?

We’ve experienced issues with companies that claim to guarantee their work. When you hear that an installer has the same guarantee as we do, we urge you to investigate their claims and see who is providing this guarantee and if it’s issued in writing.

SOLO® guarantees new cloth against… rips, tears and manufacturer’s defects for an entire year. No other company will give this type of guarantee!

We also take our guarantee a step further and send all of our potential clients a copy of our business insurance. Why? Because we are serious about quality and protection.  Many operators refuse to buy insurance, let alone offer it to you.

It’s your home, you’re invested, you need to protect it and make sure that you are hiring a company that is dedicated to customer care.

Too often small operators will refuse to honor their word.  That’s why we put our ABIA backed guarantee in writing, so you can understand just what we can do for you.

We’ve heard stories regarding customers being blamed for causing their own problems in the first place. Some companies stop answering the phone to avoid servicing an issue or will charge you more to fix their own mistake.

Some companies say that they will come back and service you when they are in the area. This actually means “when it’s convenient for them.” Why?  Because they don’t want to spend any more money on fuel to resolve your issue unless you want to make another appointment and then, they can justify charging you more money. (After all, it’s needed because of the super low margins that the industry operates on). They need to work as much as they can just to stay in business.  And they aren’t going to do it by working for free.

Why wait until it’s convenient for them…

YOU are the customer and YOU come FIRST!

All of these issues leave room for your service call to be forgotten or pushed out for months. Most often this happens with companies that cut prices by cutting corners, in the end, this will likely require a second service and additional cost or hiring a second company to fix repairs and the cycle goes on and on.

When you choose SOLO®, The buck stops here! We promise that we will take responsibility for your service, completely, without blaming you, the prior installer or the pool table. We have the experience and the resources to service you, risk free.