Billiard Service Guarantee
SOLO® Pool Table Movers

  1. Leveling of pool tables guaranteed up to one year
  2. New cloth application guaranteed up to one year
  3. New cloth guaranteed against ripping or tearing up to one year
  4. New and used pool tables are covered under the guarantee
  5. Installation and service of pool tables covered up to one year
  6. The guarantee extends the full year regardless of claims

The holder of this certificate must have purchased service directly through an official ABIA pool table moving and services company or online / brick and mortar retail location to qualify for the Billiard Installation Service Guarantee.

The length of coverage of the guarantee is 365 consecutive days after service has been completed.

Official ABIA guarantee here

For full details see the ABIA service guarantee

Leveling & Installation

(New and used pool tables generally less than 20 years old)
This guarantee covers the holder of this certificate for pool table moves, new installations, and recovering services against circumstances where the holder’s pool table is moved or installed and assembled and the pool table is out of level due to faulty installation.

This guarantee covers the holder against the faulty installation of pool and billiard tables for a period of 365 consecutive days after service has been completed. (In some cases, defective or non-planed slates originating in China may make the guarantee unavailable to the customer).


The guarantee covers new cloth installation added to a used pool table or the cloth that comes with a new pool table, against defects from the factory, tears or rips for up to one year.

Cloth must be purchased by an ABIA backed company and cannot be purchased by the customer independently.

This guarantee covers the playfield of the pool table and does not apply to pockets where apparent tearing the cloth is necessary for the installation of the cloth, this is normal.

Cloth guarantee will replace the material and labor cost and the same grade of cloth must be used for all claims. Customer can choose to change cloth type/color for an added fee depending on cloth manufacturer desired.

Cloth Installation

(Applies to new online or store purchases or new cloth applied to used pool tables only and does not cover moving with the existing cloth.)