SOLO® Pool Table Movers

The Brand Protecting Customers In The Pool Table Service Industry

The SOLO® Mission

Our goal at SOLO® Pool Table Movers is to provide the utmost protection for customers throughout the process of moving and servicing their pool tables. 

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    Solo Pool Table Movers
    To whom it may concern.​ 
    To whom it may concern. ​ Today, on Thursday, Oct 15, Alex and his assistant came to our home to install a Simonis 860 cloth on our 9-foot pool table. The two men who were both professional, cordial, and polite did an excellent job installing the Simonis cloth without “waves”. We highly recommend for reclothing needs. We also would like to thank Solo Pool Table Movers for keeping their word and having another Mechanic company replace and re-install our previously incorrectly installed Simonis cloth.
    Jeff & Sharene Williams

    Services we offer

    • Pool Table Assembly –  Our billiard installation service includes an exclusive service guarantee by qualified pool table technicians.  Now you can have your pool table assembly done with a risk free company.
    • Pool Table Move from storage and installation – Arriving at a storage unit, we remove the table, bring it to your home and install it with our without refelting the table with or without a new billiard felt replacement.
    • Billiard table recovering – We provide pool table felt replacement services for most tables, the refelting price of your table will depend on a few factors.  If your table is set up or disassembled, we can replace the felt by recovering the slate and billiard felt the replacement of the bumpers.
    • Disassemble and move to storage – Professional pool table movers take your pool table from your home and move it to storage for you.  A complete pool table delivery company service.
    • Disassembly of a pool table and preparation for long-distance moves –  In most cases, we will crate and wrap your billiard table for movers.
    • Pool table removal – If you want to get rid of a pool table, we can remove it from your home and dispose of it.
    • Move a pool table for reflooring. 3-piece of slate and reassemble them in a different room – Moving from room to room in your house.
    • Disassemble a pool table that is 3 pieces of slate – Professional tear down of a pool table the right way.
    • Replacement of cushion rubber – Change out bumpers and refelt with new cloth.
    • Move a pool table to storage and then into a house. 3-piece slate –  We can move your table to storage, then return after you have remodeled or moved houses and reinstall the table.

    About SOLO Pool Table Movers

    Since the 1980s, the SOLO® founder has been preoccupied with having a single company in this small industry that would offer customers a positive experience in a business where ethics and standards were substandard.

    After almost 30 years of searching to find a solution, SOLO’S persistence and customer dedication has paid off!

    We’re there for you when the independents are nowhere to be found.  We are dedicated to making your experience a great one! We offer the only real service guarantee in the industry, along with our 7-day-a-week support. We promise to provide a risk-free service so you can enjoy your pool table immediately.

    The goal of the ABIA

    The original goal of the American Billiard Installers Association was to partner with installers around the country that are on the same page in providing better customer service and protection.

    Very few installers agreed that there should be some set standard. Their goal was to keep the status quo and not disrupt the substandard conditions of a 100+ year-old industry. But as the world evolved, customers demanded service and protection on their pool table investment and soon the idea was transformed to meet that demand.

    Regardless of the acceptance by the installers, the ABIA pushed the guarantee into the marketplace. After 30 years in the industry, one tends to learn how it works and how to improve it. That’s what the ABIA does for customers of pool table services.

    “Making it better, one customer at a time.”

    Past experience in the industry shows that too many customers weren’t receiving the best services they could. We have seen it all… property damage, missed appointments, excessive rescheduling, poor workmanship, and failure to guarantee work after promised.

    At times, installers don’t even answer their calls, leaving customers stranded with issues.  All installers say they guarantee their work, but the only guarantee we’ve found is that they charge more money to return to the job and resolve a client’s issue if they show up at all.

    This is the very thing that made SOLO® so successful.  With SOLO® and the ABIA-backed exclusive, 1-year service guarantee, you can be sure that you are not putting your money at risk because we will always take care of you and make sure you have excellent service no matter what issues you face.

    If you own a pool table, you know that it takes some attention to detail to install it correctly, let alone move it. It’s a little complicated and if untrained, you can really damage the table beyond repair.

    You deserve the best service coverage. There needs to be someone with flexibility and a desire to put you first and take responsibility for the end result.